SUMMARY: Sun Fire V210 automatic startup.

From: Tamer Embaby <>
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 19:58:00 EDT

I found this nice URL:

It's talking about setting this using:

1- OBP parameter auto-boot? to true (already there)
2- ALOM parameter sc_powerstatememory to true (default to 'false' and
    changed to true)

I'm gonna have to wait until next power outage to test that.

Many thanks for Sandy Gordon for exactly describing the above steps.
And also for:
Benzi Mizrahi
Steve Harris

For helping out.

Kind regards,

Tamer Embaby wrote:
> Guys,
> I have two Sun Fire V210 servers which are facing a problem whenever
> an electricity outage happens in the server room, I know this should
> not happen at all to such servers but I cannot help it right now to
> buy electricity generators and the UPS they are attached to doesn't
> hold for long time.
> The problem is, when the electricity comes back again these two servers
> never startup automatically (as what happens with the rest of servers,
> which start up, boot the OS, and return to running state automatically),
> of course there is no key switch (like in V240), and the V210 servers
> stay turned off until someone switch them on again from the power button
> in the front panel. But I believe there could be some way to make them
> startup automatically, can anyone help me with that or shed some lights?
> The servers are running Solaris 8, OBP version 4.16.2.
> Appreciate your input.
> Tamer

Tamer Embaby <>
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