SUMMARY: Veritas VxVM on X2100 giving "disk.repl: -1 bad number"

From: <>
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 12:38:29 EDT
I managed to fix this. If anyone has this problem again, the problem was
that /usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/bin/disk.repl uses /sbin/sh, but it seems to
use something that plain Bourne shell doesn't like. I changed the
shebang at the top to use /usr/bin/bash (presumably other shells would
work as well), and it started working! 


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Subject: Veritas VxVM on X2100 giving "disk.repl: -1 bad number"

Hi all,

I have a problem with Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM). I'm using Storage
Foundation 4.1 on a sun X2100, 5.10 Generic_118855-33. It is connected
to a Compaq StorageWorks JBOD via Dual HBA, I can't remember the
manufacturer of the HBA but I assume it is Qlogic. I downloaded the
volume manager direct from Symantec, it's not a SUN-branded one. See
below for diagnostic output etc.

The problem arises when I try to replace a faulty disk. I was testing
the procedure (getting up to speed on 4.1, the last VxVM stuff I did was
on 3.x), so created a RAID 5 volume (although this problem happens on
any kind of volume) and simulated a disk failure by removing one of the
drives. I then used vxdiskadm and selected the drive to be removed for
replacement. So far, so good.

I then replaced it with a fresh disk, fdisk'ed it and ran vxdctl enable.
I then went back into vxdiskadm (option 5), and this is what I saw :

Replace a failed or removed disk 
Menu: VolumeManager/Disk/ReplaceDisk 
  Use this menu operation to specify a replacement disk for a disk 
  that you removed with the "Remove a disk for replacement" menu 
  operation, or that failed during use.  You will be prompted for 
  a disk name to replace and a disk device to use as a replacement. 
  You can choose an uninitialized disk, in which case the disk will 
  be initialized, or you can choose a disk that you have already 
  initialized using the Add or initialize a disk menu operation. 
Select a removed or failed disk [<disk>,list,q,?] list 
Disk group: datadg 
dm datadg12     -            -        -        -        REMOVED 
Select a removed or failed disk [<disk>,list,q,?] datadg12 
/usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/bin/disk.repl: -1: bad number 

And then it bombs back to the main menu... I can't get past this error -
whatever I try, it just bombs out with the "disk.repl: -1: bad number"
error. Everything else I have tried seems fine, I just can't replace a
failed disk!

Has anyone any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong, or what the
issue may be ? I will of course summarize any responses or advice

Many thanks in advance,


$ modinfo | grep -i vx
 49 fffffffff3a1f000  299d8 207   1  vxdmp (VxVM 4.1_p3.1 + e430808 DMP
 68 fffffffff3ae4000 1f8468 208   1  vxio (VxVM 4.1_p3.1 I/O driver)
 69 fffffffff3cbc000   1458 209   1  vxspec (VxVM 4.1_p3.1
control/status dr)
172 fffffffff40db5e8    be0 210   1  vxportal (VxFS
4.1_REV-4.1x86p2A8_sol por)
173 fffffffff420b000 1856f8  20   1  vxfs (VxFS 4.1_REV-4.1x86p2A8_sol

vxprint below : 
# dg datadg       default      default  61000 
dm datadg01     c3t0d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg02     c3t1d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg03     c3t3d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg04     c3t4d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg05     c3t5d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg06     c3t8d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg07     c4t1d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg08     c4t2d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg09     c4t3d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg10     c4t4d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg11     c4t8d0s2     auto     2048     71069248 - 
dm datadg12     -            -        -        -        REMOVED 
v  data         -            DISABLED ACTIVE   142137344 RAID     -
pl data-01      data         DISABLED ACTIVE   142137344 RAID     3/32
sd datadg01-01  data-01      datadg01 0        71068672 0/0       c3t0d0
sd datadg02-01  data-01      datadg02 0        71068672 1/0       c3t1d0
sd datadg12-01  data-01      datadg12 0        71068672 2/0       -
And, here's the vxdiskadm list output : 
DEVICE       DISK         GROUP        STATUS
c1t0d0       -            -            online invalid
c2t0d0       -            -            online invalid
c3t0d0       datadg01     datadg       online
c3t1d0       datadg02     datadg       online
c3t3d0       datadg03     datadg       online
c3t4d0       datadg04     datadg       online
c3t5d0       datadg05     datadg       online
c3t8d0       datadg06     datadg       online
c4t0d0       -            -            online invalid
c4t1d0       datadg07     datadg       online
c4t2d0       datadg08     datadg       online
c4t3d0       datadg09     datadg       online
c4t4d0       datadg10     datadg       online
c4t8d0       datadg11     datadg       online
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