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From: Wilkinson, Alex <alex.wilkinson_at_dsto.defence.gov.au>
Date: Tue May 01 2007 - 04:53:44 EDT
Generally speaking you do have to set up LACP
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LACP] on the switch ports.

So: 1. Set up LACP on your switch
    2. Set up Link Aggregation via dladm(1m) on Solaris.

See the following discussion:

Thanks to:

   Darren Dunham
   Johan Hartzenbe

Original Question:

    0n Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 01:08:32PM +0800, Wilkinson, Alex wrote: 

    >Hi all,
    >I have link aggregation set up on a T2000 via 4 e1000g(7D) ports.
    >   key: 1 (0x0001) policy: L4      address: 0:14:4f:2:7f:38 (auto)
    >      device       address                 speed           duplex  link state
    >      e1000g0      0:14:4f:2:7f:38   1000  Mbps    full    up      attached
    >      e1000g1      0:14:4f:2:7f:39   1000  Mbps    full    up      attached
    >      e1000g2      0:14:4f:2:7f:3a   1000  Mbps    full    up      attached
    >      e1000g3      0:14:4f:2:7f:3b   1000  Mbps    full    up      attached
    >Do I need to turn on EtherChannel (LACP or PAgP) on my Cisco switch also ?
    >Or will just having nick aggregation set up via dladm(1m) on Solaris be enough ?
    > -aW


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