SUMMARY: Things I learned in getting my Sun3/80 to net boot.

From: Barry Callahan <>
Date: Fri Apr 20 2007 - 11:10:12 EDT
First, I want to thank Michael Maciolek for responding to my request for 
help. He suggested that because I had astro's shortname in the 
/etc/bootparams file, the shortname ALSO had to be the first name listed 
in the /etc/hosts file for astro's IP address. In my case, they weren't. 
I had gotten in the habit of putting aliases in the hosts file in the 
order of FQDN, shortname, and then any additional aliases. Because I 
wanted to keep the FQDN first in the hosts file, I changed 
/etc/bootparams to the FQDN for astro instead of the short name, and Lo 
and behold, rpc.bootparamd responded with the location of the root 
filesystem. I was now one step closer to having astro boot across the 

I had expected to get a meaningful error message from rpc.bootparamd 
(something along the lines of "Received bootparam request from unknown 
host XXXX") and because it was being quiet, and the only message coming 
out of rpcbind was that it had received a duplicate request, I was under 
the mistaken assumption that the problem was something else.

Other things to keep in mind:
* The remote root directory and the swapfile must be listed individually 
in /etc/dfs/dfstab. You cannot just share the parent directory of the 
swapfile and remote root.

* The SCSI controller of a Sun3/80 DOES NOT auto-terminate a bus with no 
drives on it. Auto-termination is something that is easy to take for 
granted on modern hardware. Bad things happen when the kernel probes the 
SCSI bus if there isn't a terminator somewhere.

* In order to be able to remotely log into a Sun3, you have to not only 
do a "MAKEDEV std" to create all of the standard device nodes in /dev, 
you also have to "MAKEDEV pty0" so you'll have some pseudo-ttys 
available to assign.

* Pseudo ttys are assigned in order. If you do a MAKEDEV on pty1, pty2, 
and pty3, but NOT pty0, you're still not going to be able to remotely 
log into that machine.
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