Partial Summary: Trouble using flash archive

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Tue Apr 03 2007 - 16:26:29 EDT
Hi all.
So far I've gotten three responses. from Aaron Lineberger, Dan O"Callaghan, and Matthew Stier.
Matthew said to check my profile entry and asked me if I was defining the host by IP.  I tried both name and it still didn't work.
Dan said to check the version of Solaris as there is a 2 GB limit with earlier versions.  Turns out I can download Solaris 8 from Sun.  Changing to a later version didn't help with the 2 GB limitation, unfortunately.  He also suggested checking the version of NFS.  I checked on the server and it's NFS v3.  He also suggested making sure the exported directory was mounted with "-o ro,anon=0".  Well, the server is a BSD box, so I changed the permissions to be the equivalent of "-o ro,anon=0" and it still didn't work.  
Aaron asked a few of the same questions as Dan: check the IP address, the "-o ro,anon=0" permissions, and the NFS version.  He also asked if there are multiple interfaces on the box, which there are, but the others are disabled (I made sure of that during startup).  He asked also about the syntax of the flash archive I was using IP:/full/path/filename or nfs://server/full/path/filename.  I'm using the former.
Dan and Aaron both suggested to try and snoop the network traffic to see what's going on.  I tried that once with no luck, so I'm going to try again.  But this shouldn't be necessary as I can drop down to a # prompt, and mount the shared directory from the BSD box.  Once I do that, I can also resume the install from that point by typing "suninstall".
Still not there, but I feel things are getting closer (at least I hope they are).  Any more ideas anybody?
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