SUMMARY : Merge 2 files side by side ... please help

From: <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 2007 - 19:07:11 EDT
Thanks to everyone who sent a response and there were lots!!!
The best option was 
paste  /opt/wft/etc/target_host.conf /opt/wft/etc/source_host.conf
That produced exactly what I wanted.
UPQ     uxgfdv13        UPP     uxgfpr02
UWQ     uxgfdv13        UWP     uxgfpr02
SBXQ    uxgfdv13        SBXP    uxgfpr02

Thanks one and all!


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Subject: Merge 2 files side by side ... please help

What i want is to merge 2 files into 1 flat file
here are what the 2 files look like
# cat /opt/wft/etc/source_host.conf
UPP     uxgfpr02
UWP     uxgfpr02
SBXP    uxgfpr02

# cat /opt/wft/etc/target_host.conf
UPQ     uxgfdv13        35
UWQ     uxgfdv13        37
SBXQ    uxgfdv13        NA

What i want them to look like is this ...
UPP     uxgfpr02    UPQ     uxgfdv13        35
UWP     uxgfpr02    UWQ     uxgfdv13        37
SBXP    uxgfpr02    SBXQ    uxgfdv13        NA

Thanks for any help in advance! 
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