SUMMARY: Sun Fire 6800/e15K hardware compatible?

From: Brad Morrison <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 15:13:50 EDT
Thanks to Scott Spencer, Michael Imrick, K. Rossman, Martin
Presslaber, and Dilip Madhavan.

Short answer: Yes, the boards are absolutely swappable between Sun
Fire models, hence their name, "uni-board." :-) All memory is
supported, but CPU mixing is only supported with CPUs at 900MHz or
faster. Firmware must match.

The known caveats are:
* CPUs don't have to be the same speed, but the lowest speed for
mixing compatibility is 900 MHz.
* The firmware revs of all uni-boards on a single machine must match.
The board being added can be flashed from any other active board on
the machine.
* Memory of all models is supported, but the slowest memory module
will drag all others down to its speed in a given domain.

It is also widely suspected that only Sun SSEs are allowed to perform
this operation per any support contract offered by Sun, i.e., if you
do the swap yourself, you void the support contract. I've never seen
any Sun Fire uni-board work done by anyone but a Sun SSE, and they
keep detailed records of each machine.

Thanks everyone, for reminding me why I subscribed to this mailing list!
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