SUMMARY: HBAs have evaporated

From: joe fletcher <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 11:42:26 EDT

Solved. Root cause was me being a ditz and not remembering that Sol10 x86
includes it's own (broken as it turns out) versions of the emulex drivers. I
blithely installed Emulex's own drivers which promptly broke everything
further. However, once I'd remembered about the SUN drivers I went looking for
patches and 120223-16 appears to have fixed everything.


Thanks to those who replied.


----------------------------- originally
Here's a bit of an odd one. Just built a new DL360 with Solaris10 x86 11/06.
The machine has two Emulex LP10K adapters in it. I built the machine,
installed the emulex drivers, everything is happy. We then swapped the
drive used for the installation with a standard CD drive. Since then the HBAs
don't show up under solaris.

Previously the Emulex utils showed the two adapters quite happily and they
listed under cfgadm as controllers c2 and c3. Since the swap the Emulex tools
say "no adapters installed" and the c2 and c3 controllers listed under cfgadm
have gone. Hardware still sees the cards ok. Drivers are loaded ok.

Aaaanyone got any ideas?

I'm arranging to have the DVD drive swapped back (machine is in the US, I'm
UK) but it seems a little bizarre that this would be the cause.


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