SUMMARY: DiskSuite 4.2.1 question

From: Ioan Nemes <>
Date: Sun Mar 25 2007 - 20:05:49 EDT

Thanks for everybody (18 all together) who replied to my
question!  The advise I received was simply to replace
physically the faulty disk, then run:

     metareplace -e d7 c4t9d0s2

or, perhaps I could use a hot spare - if there are any.  Well,
it was my mistake not to mention that the 3310 JBOD is fully
populated and has no hot-spare(s).

No need to break the mirror, DiskSuite is clever enough to do
the job without breaking/re-creating the mirror.

Almost everybody agreed that my approach is overly paranoid
but again, it was my mistake not to mention that I have no access
to any of software would be needed (Oracle 7.3.4 and PeopleSoft 7.5),
and/or system backups to recover the system - if something goes


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