Summary: 280R controllers changing arbitrarily

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Sat Mar 24 2007 - 01:43:25 EDT
Well, I got a few answers which were helpful, but unfortunately didn't get me to where I needed to go.   Responses are below.  The thing that worked was from Sun (thanks to a friend!):
Email responses:
Eric Sisson wrote:
I have a 280R with an A1000 attached running Solaris 9.  However, I 
installed Solaris before connecting the A1000.  I never have seen 
your problem.  You may want to try the OS installation with the A1000 
powered off.
Brad Morrison wrote:
I'd disconnect the A1000 during the install, then connect it and boot -r afterwards.
Matthew Stier wrote:

During power on self test, the OpenBoot Prom generates a device tree, 
based upon what it sees.  During a reconfiguration reboot, (the initial 
boot after installation is a reconfiguration reboot) the operating 
system reads this device tree, and compares it against it has already 
assigned (as recorded in the /etc/path_to_inst file) and adds new 
controllers, targets and disks based upon what it sees.

Since most of these devices are connected to the PCI bus, there is a 
'pci0-probe-list' parameter to the eeprom.  You can tweak this to get 
the scan order you want.

Mike Salehi wrote:
The SCSI address of the A1000 can be set and I think its a dial on the 
back, you may also have a mixed signal, I think A1000 were wide and we 
usually had them on their own card, anyway change the A1000 address, so a 
reset-all at the OK? then do a show-scsi-all and then pass go.
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