SUMMARY: Sunblade Memory Question

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 12:32:08 EDT
Thanks very much to Francisco Roque and Tom Schmidt:

Francisco wrote:

Check out the Sun System Handbook:

The entries for these two machines show they both use the same type of
memory, 232 Sdram DIMMs.  Additionally, the components lists for each
shows that the memory parts number for each is exactly the same.

So, yes, both can use the same memory.

Tom wrote:

Yes, they are the same.  Motherboards are interchangeable bewtween the 2
systems.  Only hardware difference in them is the case.

           Hello.  Does anyone know if memory is interchageable between
SunBlade 1000 and SunBlade 2000?

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