SUMMARY: Veritas 3.5 and Solaris

From: Bobby Smith <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 2007 - 16:31:01 EDT
Thanks to all that responded. The answer came from Verities.

First you have to Install the temp DGSJ license you can get this from Veritas.
They will give you a 30 day temp key.

2. Break the log plex on c1t1d0:

# vxplex -g rootdg -o rm dis bk01-03
# vxplex -g rootdg -o rm dis db01-03
# vxplex -g rootdg -o rm dis db03-03
# vxplex -g rootdg -o rm dis db05-03
# vxplex -g rootdg -o rm dis db06-03
# vxplex -g rootdg -o rm dis db08-03

3.  Move volumes to another disk group:
# vxdg split rootdg <newdg> backup1
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> backup3
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> bk01
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> db01
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> db03
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> db05
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> db06
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> db08
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> d01
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> d02
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> d03
# vxdg move rootdg <newdg> d04

4. Start all volumes in the new disk group:
# vxvol -g <new dg> startall

5. Verify with vxprint -g rootdg and vxprint -g <new dg> -ht

Thanks again.


From: on behalf of Bobby Smith
Sent: Wed 3/14/2007 1:35 PM
Subject: Veritas 3.5 and Solaris

I am at a site where all of my clients disks were installed in rootdg on a
Solaris box. We want to rebuild the box but not loose the data that is out on
the array. From what I can see we can use the vxdiskadm to deport the disk
group but I do not believe that will work on rootdg.

Does anyone know how I can move the volumes to a new dg that way I can deport

Thanks in advance.

Robert Smith
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