SUMMARY: tapes going over ethernet instead of FC

From: Jarkko Airaksinen <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 2007 - 08:24:50 EDT
I think I found the problem; one binary is missing.

The debug.log shows:

03/21/07 11:25:52  BMA.981.0 ["lib/cmn/unix.c /main/dp55/12":1190] A.05.50
execvp failed! (/opt/omni/lbin/devbra) errno=2
Arg list:

Errno=2 means "file not found". I don't know why it didn't get installed. I
suppose I need to reinstall the Media Agent.


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Subject: tapes going over ethernet instead of FC

Hello all Gurus out there,

I have some odd behavior with my Sol8 server's backups; the data doesn't
go through the FC adapter as it should.

Everything seems to be fine with the server though. For example the rmt
devices show the FC paths to be ok:

# luxadm display /dev/rmt/1mbn

DEVICE PROPERTIES for tape: /dev/rmt/1mbn

  Vendor:               HP

  Product ID:           Ultrium 3-SCSI

  Revision:             G25W

  Serial Num:           HU10646EP7

  Device Type:          Tape device




    LUN path port WWN:          100000e002234fc2

    Host controller port WWN:   210000e08b803b60

    Path status:                O.K.

Also cfgadm shows the driver to be attached and device configured:

c3::100000e002234fc2           array-ctrl   connected    configured

I have double and triple checked st.conf, sst.conf, qlc,conf &
qla2300.conf. Yet, when I start the backup it sends data over hme0. Any
idea why this might happen?




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