Summary: Jumpstarting across multiple networks.

From: <>
Date: Fri Mar 16 2007 - 10:41:29 EDT
I asked yesterday morning about jumpstart with this:

|Hi managers.
|I have a v240 that amongst other things is configured as a jumpstart 
|server.  It can serve out installs, upgrades and .flars for solaris 9 and 

|10 sparc and soon I'll be serving out solaris 10 x64 stuff too.  What it 
|can't do is jumpstart over multiple networks.  I've read that its 
|to have a server w/multiple nics jumpstart to multiple networks without 
|using separate install/boot servers for each network... but I've yet to 
|read how it's done.
|What's the trick to this?
|Can someone help me out?
|I'll summarize....
|Dean  Ross-Smith

I got eight responses in 30 minutes.  Thatbs great!

Thanks to Dana Hudes, Adam Levin, Kalyan X Manchikanti, Brian Gregg, Tom 
Zurita, Tobias Nuttt, Gary Chambers and a few others who responded.

Gary, Dana, Kalyan and Adam were all pointing to an approximate answer 
best put by Gary (and I hope to reduce my pile of stuff soon so that I can 
try it!): 

When you specify the Jumpstart server, use the hostname for the network on 
which you wish to Jumpstart.  I have four networks from which I can use 
Jumpstart (the Jumpstart server is named jump, jump63, jump64, and 
jump164).  When I  call add_install_client, I use the appropriate 
Jumpstart server hostname for that network.
For those who have a sparc only JS install, sun provides an x86 jumpstart 
helper file on the solaris 10u3 dvd (use lofiadm to mount and browse 
cd/dvd images).

Once again, thanks everyone.  Sun managers is way useful.  If you read the 
list, please give back by helping out your fellow managers!

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