SUMMARY: sys-unconfig in solaris 10

From: Ray Stell <>
Date: Fri Mar 09 2007 - 20:22:01 EST
I asked why sys-unconfig did not cause sysidtool to run after the reboot
on an x4200 running solaris 10.  I didn't get an answer to this question.
I don't know if that means it does work for others and I'm just lucky
or if sys-unconfig is busted and nobody uses it anymore.

Micah DesJardins suggested a touch of /reconfigure and reboot as a method.
This did not cause sysidtool to fire up for me either.  

Richard Skelton asked me what /etc/.sysIDtool.state and /etc/.UNCONFIGURED
looked like wrt
I changed them as suggested and that did not cause sysidtool to start.

There were two posts on various files to edit by hand to change the 
network config:

/etc/hosts			change the ip and the name.
/etc/hostname.hme0		put in the new hostname, It may also be Ie0 it
                    		depends on your machine.  (mine is e1000g0)
/etc/defaultrouter 		new gateway
/etc/nodename 			host name

Tom Zurita:
/etc/ inet/ipnodes 		this is for IPv6
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