SUMMARY: v490 fault light still on after hot power supply swap

From: jonathan <>
Date: Fri Mar 09 2007 - 09:02:57 EST
A system reboot cleared this condition.

Thanks to Micah for some good advice that I didn't need to follow:  He 
suggested using 'asr-enable <device id>' for the implicated power supply 
from the OpenBoot prompt.  Apparently OpenBoot/the Service Controller 
likes to be told when hardware is replaced.


jonathan wrote:

>Swapped out a bad power supply with a new one yesterday - power supply 
>lights are now good, but the main case fault light is still lit.
>picld logs the following:
>   "psvc_plugin_init: Can't determine class of PS0_FAN_FAIL_SENSOR"
>prtdiag -v shows:
>   Power Supplies:
>   ---------------
>   Supply     Status        Fault     Fan Fail   Temp Fail
>   ------    ------------   --------  ---------  ---------
>   Environmental reporting error: Property not found
>I noticed that the replacement power supply is slightly different from 
>the one that was originally there:  the original is "Series S1:1", while 
>the replacement is "Series S1:3" - they have different product codes as 
>The following document 
>suggests that a reboot may fix?  I also found some discussion in 
>Cantonese online, which is of minimal use to me.
>Insight anyone?
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