SUMMARY: Problems patching a Sun Netra T1

From: Gene Beaird <>
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 20:56:42 EST
Thanks to all who replied:

Brad Morrison
Dana Hudes
Susan Thielen
Tony Magtalas

A couple recommended patchadd -u, and another recommended to do the patches
in normal run mode.  After trying to extract and install the zone files on
the system, and verifying that only the main system partitions were mounted
and showed in /etc/vfstab, I ended up just patching the beast in normal run
mode, bringing the system down to init 0 and then booting it back to normal
run mode. So far, no problems, although I ended up installing a total of 13
patches, and them taking about 2 hours to install. 

After March 11th, I am going on a mission to find out who was responsible
for this stuff and see what I can to do vote them out of office.  Thanks,


Gene Beaird


Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 10:27:09 -0600
From: Gene Beaird <>
Subject: Problems patching a Sun Netra T1
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I was attempting to patch a system over the weekend that just  
wouldn't let me patch.  Im not sure if it is a disk issue, or what,  
because the system just hung when trying to patch, no error messages,  
or anything.  Please read below and let me know if you have any  

The system is a Netra T1 running Solaris 8.  It requires the 2 DST
patches (timezone and lib c) as well as six of their dependencies, and
at least three more dependencies from some of those dependencies.

The system has 512 MB of RAM, and the following filesystem space

/ 156 MB free
/usr 559 MB free
/var 796 MB free
/opt 368 MB free

When I brought the system down to single-user mode to patch, I tried a
patch that had a dependency.  The system told me that, and terminated
the patch session.  I then tried another patch.  After checking for
installed patches and starting the 'determining disk space, dry run
method', the patch session just hung.  Thinking it may be a disk space
issue, I aborted that patch and tried another one that was much smaller.
Same thing happened again.

With 12 patches to install, and already an hour out of the maintenance
window, I quit the patch session.

Another thing of note:  When in single user mode, when attempting to do
an ls -al on the subdir I had the patches in, the list hung before
returning any of the patch directories.  I could completely list the
contents of that subdir when the system was running in multi-user mode,
although it was kind of jerky returning the list, sort of like it was
very busy.

I did unmount and fsck the partition with no problem.  Any thoughts?

Gene Beaird
Unix Support Engineer,
Pearland, Texas

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