SUMMARY: boot off network users like /etc/nologin

From: JV <>
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 00:54:53 EST
SUMMARY: boot off network users like /etc/nologin

The official word is: patch in single user mode. This is the only
supported method.

If you do not have a serial console/terminal server: buy one. Buy an
ALOM/RSC card or a -type device. (This nice summary
infodoc requires contract access):

If you do not have $budget: then get some human at the remote site to
type what you say over the phone and report the result and reboot when
complete. (This can be error-prone and dangerous).

killing inetd: concurrent connections do not die; 
	and standalone services not managed by inetd (like ssh) continue to
accept new logins.

sophisticated unsupported inetd hacks: cp inetd.conf to inetd.conf.BAK,
# out services you dont want, and HUP inetd. restore the original
inetd.conf and HUP it again to go back to normal. Note this is 10x
easier in Solaris 10 with SMF, but nothing is easier or more correct
than 'init S'.

thanks to: Barry Tait, Steaphany Jean Waelder, Darren Dunham, Anthony
Florendo, Brad Morrison and others for your replies.

Sun Managers,

/etc/nologin prevents non-root users from login'ing via a shell, but is
there a way to prevent all network service/ports from responding? I
want to stop all network services without doing an init -s.

Can you kill inetd, and will that accomplish my goal?
1. do all concurrent connections die
2. do all future connections fail until inetd is restarted

I am asking because I do not have a serial console at a remote site and
want to perform patching after dark.


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