SUMMARY: hosts.allow syntax for Solaris 10

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Wed Feb 28 2007 - 15:30:44 EST
I asked:

> I have a quick syntax question.  In Solaris 10, in my hosts.allow files,
> I have the same rule written two different ways on two different servers.
> Both work fine.
> <service>: <allowed-ip-range>: severity
> <service>: <allowed-ip-range> severity
> The second form does not have the second colon.  Both versions work just
> fine.  I am writing a how-to doc for our environment, and I want to use
> the correct syntax.  I did not find anything from or googling
> it.  Does anyone know what the "official" correct syntax is?

The answer:

<service>: <allowed-ip-range>: severity

Thanks to everyone who responded, most saying that it is in the man page.
As it turns out you don't have to install SUNWtcpd on Solaris 10 to use
tcp wrappers.  But you _do_ have to install it to get the man pages.  I
had not installed SUNWtcpd, hence no man pages.  Several folks graciously
mailed the page to me.  Thanks.

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