SUMMARY: Making Sun LDAP sync with MS Active Directory

From: Young <>
Date: Tue Feb 27 2007 - 12:21:24 EST
I got a few responses from those who really wanted to see the summary of
this topic but only 1 response from David Magda who gave me a useful link to
the following info:


- Young

On 2/22/07, Young <> wrote:
> My company is currently running MS Active Directory (AD) primarily for
> centralized authentication on Windows and some application logins.
> On the other side, we have a mixed UNIX environment with Sun, HP-UX, and
> Linux servers running Oracle, SAP, and couple of other applications and I
> would like to check if it's possible and even a good idea to set up and
> configure Sun's LDAP services (SunOne - formerly, iPlanet) on Solaris 10
> server, on which LDAP is supposed to be much easier to configure than on
> previous Solaris versions, to serve these heterogeneous UNIX platforms,
> planning to make it sync up with AD so that users could have a single
> password for logging on whether UNIX or Windows.
> To those who already attempted and experienced with SunOne LDAP package,
> is it practically possible, to begin with, and also worth going toward
> SunOne LDAP in an existing AD Windows environment, from the initial
> configuration and also on-going maintenance standpoints? How difficult has
> it been with your experience?
> I'd appreciate your feedback and info!
> Thank you in advance.
> - Young
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