SUMMARY: problem with external disks

From: Michele Perucic <>
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 13:57:47 EST

Thanks to all that have responded.
Special thanks to Francoise Moussat.

The problem was that all state database replicas were installed on the 
external disks (I use Solstice DiskSuite). 'metadb' confirmed it.
What I did was use an unsused slice on each of the 2 internal mirroed 
disks to create replicas of the state database. Then I deleted the 
replicas on the external disks, halted the system, unplugged the 
external disks, and the system came up just fine.

Thanks a lot!

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Michele Perucic wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a Solaris 8 server with several external disks connected to it.
> I want to permanently remove those disks.
> I commented them out from the vfstab and the dfstab and I made sure no 
> startup script needs anything from them. Then I halted the machine, turned 
> the disks off and then ran boot -r.
> I tried this many times but the machine just doesn't want to boot without the 
> external disks. As soon as I reconnect the disks, the machine boots..!
> The OS is on the internal mirrored disks as well as all needed scripts and 
> applications.
> Does anybody have a clue? Why doesn't the machine want to boot without the 
> external disks??
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Michele
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