Summary: nfs share of a mount on a jumpstart server - can't see inside

From: <>
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 13:51:53 EST
On Thu, February 15, 2007 1:08 pm, Michael Schulte wrote:
>> I have a slice mounted as /jumpstart/archive and share out as an nfs
>> share
>> as /jumpstart.  When I mount the nfs share from another box, I can mount
>> it, but cannot see any data/directories past archive.  Has anyone seen
>> this?  Ans what is the fix?
> Sharing the parent of a mount point does not share the mounted partition.
> I.e., if /jumpstart/archive is a separate slice from /jumpstart, then
> sharing
>    /jumpstart does not share /jumpstart/archive.
> This is normal; this is the way it has always been.  The only fix is to
> share
>    (and remotely mount) /jumpstart/archive .

OK, silly me.  I thought I tried that.  I probably didn't restart the nfs
service after I did it before.  It works fine now.  Thank you!
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