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From: Mr Rene Occelli <>
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 08:30:44 EST

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> I have a weird message on a machine I have put as a NIS slave Master.
> The error:
> Sep 11 11:30:18 Sara last message repeated 28 times
> Sep 11 11:30:35 Sara rpc.nisd_resolv[232]: [ID 649263 daemon.error] sendto 
> failed: Address family not supported by protocol family.
> The machine (a V40z):
> SunOS Sara 5.10 Generic_118855-14 i86pc i386 i86pc
>                         Solaris 10 6/06 s10x_u2wos_09a X86

The problem is that rpc.nisd_resolv is looking for a dns (see man)

This keyword was missing in the nsswitch.conf file . I added it at the line
hosts:      files nis dns

and restart the service. 
No problem 

In fact, if there is a  /etc/resolv.conf file, ypserv is started with the -d option 

on solaris 10, nis is launched by the svc services
We must look in the file :
At the lines
    58                  if [ -f /etc/resolv.conf ]; then
    59                          $YPDIR/ypserv -d
    60                  else
    61                          $YPDIR/ypserv
    62   ...
 So if you need to have a resolv.conf file and no need for a DNS  search, two choices:
 a) Modify the script at line 59 to remove the -d
 b) Or create a small DNS 
 Rene Occelli
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