SUMMARY: Slightly OT: Name services options

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Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 10:20:49 EST
Thanks a lot to Waqar Hafiz, John Riddoch and Brad Morrison for their 

Yes, it is doable and the way to do it is the netgroup map.

Thanks again

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Slightly OT: Name services options


I've "inherited" a NIS environment with two NIS servers on Redhat 7.3 
(sigh...) and a bunch of Solaris NIS clients.
On NIS clients, how do I go about adding per-user granularity?
I.e. I'd like user "johnny" to be able to log on to server A, but not to 
server B (where both A and B are NIS clients).

A. is this doable in the first place?
B. if yes, how is this done?
C. if not, what naming service allow me to do that?

Thanks in advance for your help, 

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