SUMMARY: server hangs or stops showing messages while doing configuring /dev and /device

From: Clarissa Par-Batac <>
Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 10:00:26 EST
Here's the solution to the issue:

I added the following line to /etc/system as suggested
by the engineer to determine what modules the server
was loading and which module it was hanging.

set moddebug=0x80000000

In my case it stopped at drv/mpt and the next module
to be loaded was drv/qus. When I excluded this module
into the /etc/system, the server boot up fine. We 
still have to look though how we can enable qus module
back without affecting the server boot up.

Here's how it was excluded in the /etc/system file:

exclude: drv/qus

Thanks to everybody who responded to my inquiry.

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