SUMMARY: locale list for jumpstart

Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 13:31:21 EST
Sorry about the late response. Only got one response, who suggested using
every thing listed in /usr/lib/locale. This actually breaks the jumpstart.
Finally I did it the painful way: Included EVERTHING, repeated the jumpstart,
deleted the ones that broke, repeated until jumpstart OK. The list 301 lines,
but here it is:

locale	ar
locale	ar_EG.UTF-8
locale	ar_SA.UTF-8
locale	bg_BG
locale	bg_BG.ISO8859-5
locale	bg_BG.UTF-8
locale	ca_ES
locale	ca_ES.ISO8859-1
locale	ca_ES.ISO8859-15
locale	ca_ES.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	ca_ES.UTF-8
locale	cs_CZ
locale	cs_CZ.ISO8859-2
locale	cs_CZ.UTF-8
locale	cs_CZ.UTF-8@euro
locale	da_DK
locale	da_DK.ISO8859-1
locale	da_DK.ISO8859-15
locale	da_DK.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	da_DK.UTF-8
locale	de
locale	de.ISO8859-15
locale	de.UTF-8
locale	de_AT
locale	de_AT.ISO8859-1
locale	de_AT.ISO8859-15
locale	de_AT.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	de_AT.UTF-8
locale	de_CH
locale	de_CH.ISO8859-1
locale	de_CH.UTF-8
locale	de_DE
locale	de_DE.ISO8859-1
locale	de_DE.ISO8859-15
locale	de_DE.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	de_DE.UTF-8
locale	de_DE.UTF-8@euro
locale	de_LU.UTF-8
locale	el_CY.UTF-8
locale	el_GR
locale	el_GR.ISO8859-7
locale	el_GR.ISO8859-7@euro
locale	el_GR.UTF-8
locale	en_AU
locale	en_AU.ISO8859-1
locale	en_AU.UTF-8
locale	en_CA
locale	en_CA.ISO8859-1
locale	en_CA.UTF-8
locale	en_GB
locale	en_GB.ISO8859-1
locale	en_GB.ISO8859-15
locale	en_GB.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	en_GB.UTF-8
locale	en_IE
locale	en_IE.ISO8859-1
locale	en_IE.ISO8859-15
locale	en_IE.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	en_IE.UTF-8
locale	en_MT.UTF-8
locale	en_NZ
locale	en_NZ.ISO8859-1
locale	en_NZ.UTF-8
locale	en_US
locale	en_US.ISO8859-1
locale	en_US.ISO8859-15
locale	en_US.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	en_US.UTF-8
locale	es
locale	es.ISO8859-15
locale	es.UTF-8
locale	es_AR
locale	es_AR.ISO8859-1
locale	es_AR.UTF-8
locale	es_BO
locale	es_BO.ISO8859-1
locale	es_BO.UTF-8
locale	es_CL
locale	es_CL.ISO8859-1
locale	es_CL.UTF-8
locale	es_CO
locale	es_CO.ISO8859-1
locale	es_CO.UTF-8
locale	es_CR
locale	es_CR.ISO8859-1
locale	es_CR.UTF-8
locale	es_EC
locale	es_EC.ISO8859-1
locale	es_EC.UTF-8
locale	es_ES
locale	es_ES.ISO8859-1
locale	es_ES.ISO8859-15
locale	es_ES.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	es_ES.UTF-8
locale	es_ES.UTF-8@euro
locale	es_GT
locale	es_GT.ISO8859-1
locale	es_GT.UTF-8
locale	es_MX
locale	es_MX.ISO8859-1
locale	es_MX.UTF-8
locale	es_NI
locale	es_NI.ISO8859-1
locale	es_NI.UTF-8
locale	es_PA
locale	es_PA.ISO8859-1
locale	es_PA.UTF-8
locale	es_PE
locale	es_PE.ISO8859-1
locale	es_PE.UTF-8
locale	es_PY
locale	es_PY.ISO8859-1
locale	es_PY.UTF-8
locale	es_SV
locale	es_SV.ISO8859-1
locale	es_SV.UTF-8
locale	es_UY
locale	es_UY.ISO8859-1
locale	es_UY.UTF-8
locale	es_VE
locale	es_VE.ISO8859-1
locale	es_VE.UTF-8
locale	et_EE
locale	et_EE.ISO8859-15
locale	et_EE.UTF-8
locale	fi_FI
locale	fi_FI.ISO8859-1
locale	fi_FI.ISO8859-15
locale	fi_FI.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	fi_FI.UTF-8
locale	fr
locale	fr.ISO8859-15
locale	fr.UTF-8
locale	fr_BE
locale	fr_BE.ISO8859-1
locale	fr_BE.ISO8859-15
locale	fr_BE.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	fr_BE.UTF-8
locale	fr_BE.UTF-8@euro
locale	fr_CA
locale	fr_CA.ISO8859-1
locale	fr_CA.UTF-8
locale	fr_CH
locale	fr_CH.ISO8859-1
locale	fr_CH.UTF-8
locale	fr_FR
locale	fr_FR.ISO8859-1
locale	fr_FR.ISO8859-15
locale	fr_FR.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	fr_FR.UTF-8
locale	fr_FR.UTF-8@euro
locale	fr_LU.UTF-8
locale	he
locale	he_IL
locale	he_IL.UTF-8
locale	hi_IN.UTF-8
locale	hr_HR
locale	hr_HR.ISO8859-2
locale	hr_HR.UTF-8
locale	hu_HU
locale	hu_HU.ISO8859-2
locale	hu_HU.UTF-8
locale	is_IS
locale	is_IS.ISO8859-1
locale	is_IS.UTF-8
locale	it
locale	it.ISO8859-15
locale	it.UTF-8
locale	it_IT
locale	it_IT.ISO8859-1
locale	it_IT.ISO8859-15
locale	it_IT.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	it_IT.UTF-8
locale	it_IT.UTF-8@euro
locale	ja
locale	ja_JP.PCK
locale	ja_JP.UTF-8
locale	ja_JP.eucJP
locale	ko
locale	ko.UTF-8
locale	ko_KR.EUC
locale	ko_KR.EUC@dict
locale	ko_KR.UTF-8
locale	ko_KR.UTF-8@dict
locale	lt_LT
locale	lt_LT.ISO8859-13
locale	lt_LT.UTF-8
locale	lv_LV
locale	lv_LV.ISO8859-13
locale	lv_LV.UTF-8
locale	mk_MK
locale	mk_MK.ISO8859-5
locale	mk_MK.UTF-8
locale	mt_MT.UTF-8
locale	nb_NO.UTF-8
locale	nl_BE
locale	nl_BE.ISO8859-1
locale	nl_BE.ISO8859-15
locale	nl_BE.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	nl_BE.UTF-8
locale	nl_NL
locale	nl_NL.ISO8859-1
locale	nl_NL.ISO8859-15
locale	nl_NL.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	nl_NL.UTF-8
locale	nn_NO.UTF-8
locale	no_NO
locale	no_NO.ISO8859-1@bokmal
locale	no_NO.ISO8859-1@nynorsk
locale	pl_PL
locale	pl_PL.ISO8859-2
locale	pl_PL.UTF-8
locale	pt_BR
locale	pt_BR.ISO8859-1
locale	pt_BR.UTF-8
locale	pt_PT
locale	pt_PT.ISO8859-1
locale	pt_PT.ISO8859-15
locale	pt_PT.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	pt_PT.UTF-8
locale	ro_RO
locale	ro_RO.ISO8859-2
locale	ro_RO.UTF-8
locale	ru_RU
locale	ru_RU.ANSI1251
locale	ru_RU.ISO8859-5
locale	ru_RU.KOI8-R
locale	ru_RU.UTF-8
locale	sh_BA
locale	sh_BA.ISO8859-2@bosnia
locale	sh_BA.UTF-8
locale	sk_SK
locale	sk_SK.ISO8859-2
locale	sk_SK.UTF-8
locale	sl_SI
locale	sl_SI.ISO8859-2
locale	sl_SI.UTF-8
locale	sq_AL
locale	sq_AL.ISO8859-2
locale	sq_AL.UTF-8
locale	sr_CS
locale	sr_CS.UTF-8
locale	sr_YU
locale	sr_YU.ISO8859-5
locale	sv
locale	sv.ISO8859-15
locale	sv.UTF-8
locale	sv_SE
locale	sv_SE.ISO8859-1
locale	sv_SE.ISO8859-15
locale	sv_SE.ISO8859-15@euro
locale	sv_SE.UTF-8
locale	sv_SE.UTF-8@euro
locale	th_TH
locale	th_TH.ISO8859-11
locale	th_TH.TIS620
locale	th_TH.UTF-8
locale	tr_TR
locale	tr_TR.ISO8859-9
locale	tr_TR.UTF-8
locale	zh
locale	zh.GBK
locale	zh.UTF-8
locale	zh_CN.EUC
locale	zh_CN.EUC@pinyin
locale	zh_CN.EUC@radical
locale	zh_CN.EUC@stroke
locale	zh_CN.GB18030
locale	zh_CN.GB18030@pinyin
locale	zh_CN.GB18030@radical
locale	zh_CN.GB18030@stroke
locale	zh_CN.GBK
locale	zh_CN.GBK@pinyin
locale	zh_CN.GBK@radical
locale	zh_CN.GBK@stroke
locale	zh_CN.UTF-8
locale	zh_CN.UTF-8@pinyin
locale	zh_CN.UTF-8@radical
locale	zh_CN.UTF-8@stroke
locale	zh_HK.BIG5HK
locale	zh_HK.BIG5HK@radical
locale	zh_HK.BIG5HK@stroke
locale	zh_HK.UTF-8
locale	zh_HK.UTF-8@radical
locale	zh_HK.UTF-8@stroke
locale	zh_TW
locale	zh_TW.BIG5
locale	zh_TW.BIG5@pinyin
locale	zh_TW.BIG5@radical
locale	zh_TW.BIG5@stroke
locale	zh_TW.BIG5@zhuyin
locale	zh_TW.EUC
locale	zh_TW.EUC@pinyin
locale	zh_TW.EUC@radical
locale	zh_TW.EUC@stroke
locale	zh_TW.EUC@zhuyin
locale	zh_TW.UTF-8
locale	zh_TW.UTF-8@pinyin
locale	zh_TW.UTF-8@radical
locale	zh_TW.UTF-8@stroke
locale	zh_TW.UTF-8@zhuyin

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Received: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 09:38:22 AM EST
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Subject: locale list for jumpstart


Does anyone know of a definitive list of locales for use with jumpstart? When
we build systems we have to include all supported languages and I'd like to
this in a profile. I can get a list of the locales with 'locale -a' but a
significant number of those get rejected during the system load with 'Could
not select locale'. In addition I get a good number of 'Locale is already
selected' messages. I did find the web site which has a nice sortable
list, but the format for some of locales is not acceptable for the jumpstart
(e.g. hi_in from the web site is rejected but hi_IN.UTF-8 is accepted.)

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