SUMMARY: booting from cd, sun vs fujitsu

From: Jarkko Airaksinen <>
Date: Sun Jan 21 2007 - 14:39:40 EST

In the first summary I said that Solaris 8 02/02 has the sun4us binaries (as
opposed to 02/04 doesn't). That is true but it's not exactly what you'll want
for a PrimePower server after all. 02/02 seems to panic at boot.

You'll need the actual Fujitsu-Siemens version of the Solaris 8 if you want to
boot the server from a cd.


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Subject: booting from cd, sun vs fujitsu

Good day dear Gurus,

This is not exactly a sun issue but this might be intriguing to solaris admins
regardless of the architecture.

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens PrimePower 450 running a Solaris 8. I've ran to a
slight trouble with vxvm and I'd need to boot the server from cd.

I've obtained the Solaris8 02/04 cd (multi_icd_sol_8_204_sparc)

However when I try to boot from the cd I get:

{0} ok boot cdrom
Boot device: /pci@83,4000/ide@d/cdrom@0,0:f  File and args:
boot: cannot open kernel/sparcv9/unix
Enter filename [kernel/sparcv9/unix]:

On one forum I found that I should get a Sol8 cd from Fujitsu. Is it true that
the "default" Sol8 cd is no good with Fujitsu servers? There's nothing for
sun4us on the cd either. Of course, this is my first time booting the server
from cd so I'm not exactly sure about the procedure either.

In detail what happened with the server (if you might have any other idea how
to make the server boot again) is that we installed the veritas volume manager
trial version and decided to apply it only on the FC disks. Trial version
means that the vxvm will fail at boot without the license key. Being in a
horrible hurry to install Oracle (that goes on the system disks) I needed to
reboot the server regardless and thought to tap in the license key later as I
wouldn't need the FC disks yet.

I had instructed the installer to leave the system disks alone (under
DiskSuite) and only apply the vxvm for the FC disks. However this seemed not
to be the case and some system disks (like usr) went under the control of the
vxvm. Thus, at reboot, the system disks were not available.

Any ideas and comments would be most welcome!



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