SUMMARY: Patching and Reboots

From: Alan Rubin <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 2007 - 17:20:47 EST
A near consensus has formed agreeing that it is a bad idea to delay
reboot after patching.  One reason is running apps rely upon the
binaries and libraries that use the file(s) being patched.  If they
reference a certain offset in a file and that file has changed, the
server will crash.

Thanks to many including Christopher Barnard, David Stapleton, Andrew
Caines, John Christian, and many more.

Alan Rubin

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>From past experience, installing a recommended patch cluster can take
to 2 hours.  Included with each cluster is almost always a patch which
requires a reboot (such as a kernel patch).  If we were to install the
cluster during business hours but schedule a reboot/outage for after
hours how would this affect the stability and function of the server?  I
will have to present plans for patching to a change management board -
which should be a familiar practice to many on this list - and they will
need to know the risks associated with such a plan.


Alan Rubin
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