SUMMARY: Re: Solaris10 resource control - max-shm-memory

From: George Kahler <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 2007 - 13:57:18 EST
Thanks to all who responded. In all I got responses from

o Casper.Dik@Sun,  who said:

   (The old limit was the maximum size *per segment*; the new limit is
   the maximum shared memory allowed, total)

o Joe Webpro <>, who said:
  ...."I had spotty
	luck using projects and simply continue to use the /etc/system entries
	which globally sets the max shared memory value."

o>, who said:

  Resource controls on projects are enforced on all process in a project.
  All process combined together will have a 4GB shared memory set. Is not
  set per process but it's a limit on the project.

  One process in your project will have a 4GB shared memory set. Ten
  processes will also have one 4GB shared memory set.

o Usama Zubair" <>, who said:

  It is for combined usage.

o Deborah Crocker <>, who said:

  Each is entitled to 4Gb. What they actually take, of course, is set in
  the oracle init.ora (or spfile) for the instance. Note that the default
  is 1/4 of memory, so on a 16Gb machine you would already have this.


>The DBAs have asked to configure a Sol10 system with 4GB of shared
>memory for Oracle.
>Unlike in Sol8 where I made the changes to /etc/system
>       (set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=4294967295) 
>Sol10 requires me to make config changes to /etc/project. I'm not too
>up on Sol10 and have plagiarized the following from some docs.
>      /usr/sbin/projadd -c 'Oracle User' ''
>      /usr/sbin/projmod -s -K 'project.max-sem-ids=(priv,500,deny);project.max-shm-memory=(priv,4G
>My question is this:
>Are all processes (user 'oracle') running under this
>project entitled each to 4GB of shared mem or is the combined usage of
>shared mem by all oracle processes limited by the 4GB ?
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