SUMMARY: Cannot find /usr/lib/

From: Johnny Tran <>
Date: Tue Jan 09 2007 - 18:12:21 EST
I ended up booting off a cdrom and copied a good version of back to

The package that needs to be installed for static cp and mv is SUNWsutl.

I did notice that any exported shares can still be accessed from the server,
however they were only read-only.

Thanks to everyone for their help.


One of the more interesting solution it paste the static cp code in, but
very long winded.

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From: Johnny Tran <>
Date: 09-Jan-2007 10:21
Subject: URGENT: Cannot find /usr/lib/

ls: Cannot find /usr/lib/

I am currently running a Solaris 5.9 box with a ssh session still intact
with a bash shell.

I have searched and one solution to fix this problem is with the

However this directory is not installed on this machine. Any other
alternatives before driving out and booting of CD?
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