SUMMARY: Solaris 10 Zones in different networks: How?

From: Andre Hilgers <>
Date: Tue Jan 09 2007 - 00:35:59 EST
I have got some replies.
The most of them told me that they all use the same workaround described here.

I have a T2000 with two networkinterfaces. Each Networkinterface is in a
different network:

ipge0 =
ipge2 =

I have three zones, the global zone plus two other zones: zone1 and zone2.

The global zone and zone1 are members in the first network with ip and
zone2 is member in the second network with ip

If I configure /etc/defaultrouter in the global zone with the zone
zone2 can not communicate in its network.

Zone1 has no problems and I can see with netstat that zone1 has a
defaultroute, zone2 does not have a defaultroute.

If I add a second defaultroute in the global zone with `route add default` I can see now two defaultroutes with netstat -r. Zone2 has now a
defaulroute too and can communicate with its network.

Is this a correct way? Or do we get some problems with the two defaultroutes
in the global zone?
Do somebody know how the official way is to configure Zones in different

I will summarize!

Mit freundlichen Gr|_en
Andre Hilgers
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