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Date: Mon Jan 08 2007 - 07:14:08 EST
Thanks to Derek & Casper

Normal usage of SunOS and Solaris:

SunOS is the base operating system without the windowing environment. By
Adding the windows portion, we call the operating system Solaris.

However, be careful: Many people refer to SunOS as the older SunOS 4.X
releases, while referring to SunOS 5.X when saying Solaris.

In fact Solaris 1.X refers to SunOS 4.X plus windows (OpenWin)

Likewise, Solaris 2.X refers to SunOS 5.X plus windows environment (which
has changes between OpenWIn, CDE etc). However, after Solaris 2.6, the 2.
was dropped and we started using Solaris 7, Solaris 8 etc. This coincided
with the 32 to 64 bit transition.

In summary for SunOS 5.X:
SunOS 5.1 + GUI = Solaris 2.1
SunOS 5.2 + GUI = Solaris 2.2
SunOS 5.6 + GUI = Solaris 2.6
SunOS 5.7 + GUI = Solaris 7
SunOS 5.10 + GUI = Solaris 10

If there ever existed a SunOS 2.8, it existed a long time ago.


MOULINE Kamal a icrit :

  Hi all,
  First I wish you a happy new year,
  I have a basic question about the sun versions nomination:
  I know that SunOS 5.10 is related to Solaris 10 SunOS 5.9 for Solaris 9 
  and SunOS 5.8 for Solaris 8.
  My question is what is the difference between Sun0S 2.8 and SunOS 5.8
  there is any document that explain the meaning of "a", "b" and "c" on 
  SunOS "a"."b" and Solaris "c
  Please advice,
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