SUMMARY: Linux on Sun Fire E280R

From: gab jones <>
Date: Fri Jan 05 2007 - 11:47:07 EST
Hi Guys,

Thanks for everyone's input.

Thanks  Koef for correcting me. I should have known this. I used to have a 
E450R and have gooten use to putting the "E" in front.

I wouldnt dream of running linux on such a decent hardware like the SPARC. 
It was just curiosity to see how linux would run on SPARC hardware instead 
of just running or executing linux API's that solaris 10 allows. I currently 
have my sunfire 280R with 72Gb x 2 disk and only have solaris 10 running on 
1 disk with the other disk as backup. I was going use the spare disk for 

Anyway you guys have pretty much put me off in wasting my time delving into 
Linux on Sparc. Thanks I will stick to Solaris on Sparc.



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