SUMMARY: Solaris 10 x86 06/06 and serial port access SuperMicro H8DAR

From: Al Saenz <>
Date: Thu Jan 04 2007 - 16:14:44 EST
Thanks to Casper.
I'm sure some of you know but GRUB strikes again.
That is why it worked on 03/05 and not 06/06.  06/06 has GRUB 03/05 doesn't.
So the eeprom commands work, but with 06/06 you have to modify menu.lst also.

eeprom ttya-ignore-cd=true
eeprom input-device=ttya
eeprom output-device=ttya

A couple of changes needed to be made to

See below:
I chose not to mess with the BIOS and only change menu.lst. My BIOS was set
for serial port (see way below), but I changed it back to factory settings
So basically the serial port is disabled in the BIOS but enable in menu.lst
and eeprom.

Thanks again

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fm: Casper

Depending on the BIOS setting, you either need to do nothing or
use something like:

	     serial --unit=0 --speed=9600
	     terminal serial

Possibly, add change the multiboot line:

    kernel /platform/i86pc/multiboot -B console=ttya,ttya-mode="9600,8,n,1,-"


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Subject: UPDATE: Solaris 10 x86 06/06 and serial port access

Haven't heard back from anyone.
I have an update.

I installed Sol 10 x86 03/05 and it worked fine.
I installed Sol 10 x86 06/06 and it doesn't work.
There must be some differences b/t 03/05 and 06/06 when it comes to setting up
the serial port.

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> Subject: Solaris 10 x86 06/06 and serial port access
> Dear Managers,
> I have a Supermicro H8DAR system board.
> I have gained successful serial port access using Solaris 10 x86 03/05
> with the following setup.
> ---Serial port access---
> 1: Setup the Solaris OS to send i/o via the serial port
> #eeprom ttya-ignore-cd=true
> #eeprom input-device=ttya
> #eeprom output-device=ttya
> 2: Setup the x86 client (BIOS)
> -Reboot the system
> -press <Del> key during the boot up at the very beginning
> -go to "Advanced / Remote Access Configuration"
> -Remote Access [Enable]
> -Serial Port number [COM 1]
> -Serial Port Mode [09600 8,n,1]
> -Flow Control [None]
> -Redirection After BIOS POST [Always]
> -Terminal Type [VT100]
> -VT-UTF8 Combo Key Support [Enabled]
> -Sredir Memory Display Delay [No Delay]
> I really think this has something to do with Solaris.  I have
> tried both core
> cluster and user cluster.
> I receive output via the Bios but when the boot up gets to
> Solaris I get
> nothing.
> Just wondering if anyone else has had any problems or know of
> other methods to
> try and make this work?
> Thank you for your help
> Al
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