SUMMARY: [Fwd: Fedora automounting throug LDAP Solaris ds5.2]

From: Jørgen Kold <>
Date: Mon Dec 18 2006 - 09:01:42 EST
Hi again

Finally I solved the problem.

In Fedora 6, as default autofs looks for nismapname->nisobject with
value auto.master and auto.home.

I followed Gary Tay's guide that says ou=auto.master and cn=XXX(some

However if you insist on using another syntax you can just
edit /etc/sysconfig/autofs to use e.g. automountmap og ou.

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Now LDAP works on Fedora however I can't make automount work.
I have both auto_master, auto_home, auto.master and auto.home in the
directory. At the Fedora machine the nsswitch.conf says: automount:
files ldap.

It still does not work.
Any ideas?
I found Gary Tays guide here:

but I can't make it work. Is it the only way to do it?

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