SUMMARY: clearing ALOM password on V210.

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 11:01:05 EST
I asked:

> Whoops.  Transposing two letters gives you a completely different question.
> The server in question is a V120.
> The Sun infodoc only talks about the V210/240/250/440...  Thats why I posted
> here.  There are summaries for the V210, but it doesn't work for the V120.
> And also, as several people have mentioned using various solaris tools to
> clear the password will work fine, and thats what we want to do -- but we
> have to get past the LOM password to boot the server...
> > I have a V210 that I inherited from another project.  It has a LOM
> > password set and I have no idea what it is.  I have left the server
> > at the LOM login prompt for several minutes, hoping it would time out.
> > The battery appears to soldered to the motherboard, so removing the
> > battery doesn't look like an option.  Can someone suggest other methods
> > to clear the LOM password?  Once the server is up we can easily set it,
> > but we need to get past the LOM to do that...

The answer:

Sun is replacing the motherboard for us.  Timeout is pretty much all you
can use on a V120, and that did not work.  Thanks to all of the people
who suggested the infodoc, timeouts, and popping off the battery.  I guess
Sun realized after the V120 that they needed to provide more options than
just the (faulty) timeout...

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