SUMMARY Re: growfs in the days before umount -f

From: D G Teed <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 02:17:21 EST
I did not find a way to unlock the umount issue.
One person reminded me that fuser and lsof take args.
Adding -c to fuser is important, but this didn't
reveal what was making the file system locked from umount.

Again, this is Solaris 6.

For my growfs issue, I initially experimented with
emulating the metattach of a second slice, by making
2 slices on the same (new larger) disk.  The first slice was the
same size as the old small disk, while the second slice
was the difference in size between old and new disk.
After trying growfs on that arrangement (against the
entire mirror device), it had a write error.
metastat reported both halves in maintenance and
could not be fixed.  The reported size for the mirror
was double what it should be.  I did a fsck on it,
but no improvement.

Solution: Make a new device, (say d10) for a new target.
Use ufsdump to copy the data over while there are no services
effecting the source nor target file system.
Since I can't umount, I swap the vfstab with one showing /dev/md/dsk/d10
where it was once d6, and then reboot:

mkdir /d10
mount /dev/md/dsk/d10 /d10
cd /d10
ufsdump 0f - /dev/md/rdsk/d6 | ufsrestore rf -
cp /etc/vfstab-dec13 /etc/vfstab


It involves a few hours of services being unavailable, but
at least it works and in many ways it is safer than
growfs, at least on Solaris 6.

Thanks to those who offered help in diagnosing this:
Darren Dunham and Niranjan Parulekar


On 12/7/06, D G Teed <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with growfs in Solaris 6 sparc.  Where we
> once had a software mirrored pair of 4 striped drives giving us 8 GB,
> we now have a mirrored pair of 33GB drives.  I want to use:
> 'growfs -M /d /dev/md/rdsk/d6'
> to grow the file system.
> In my prior experience with 'growfs', I needed to restart the
> system so that nothing had locks on the mounted meta device.
> Today I tried 'growfs' while in single user mode following a reboot,
> and it did not grow the file system.  In prior experience with the
> growfs command, it seems that if the last inode is
> printed with a comma following it, then it has
> not worked. 'df' confirms that it has not grown the FS.
> I prior experience, I would try 'umount' of the device,
> 'mount' it again and then 'growfs'.  The problem is that
> 'umount' reports the device is busy and will not un-mount.
> Both before and after the reboot, I had tried 'growfs'
> while 'lsof' was clear of anything to report on /d
> Likewise 'fuser' was clean.  I would do 'umount -f'
> but this version of Solaris didn't support it.
> Does anyone have any tips on how I can find what is
> making the mount seem busy, or otherwise how I can
> grow my file system short of making a new one and
> copying everything over?
> --Donald
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