SUMMARY: Rebuilding metadevices without

From: Garofalo, Jamie <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 2006 - 10:43:22 EST

	Thank you for all your responses. I did not have any backups for
the root file system but thanks to Kristopher Briscoe, his response was
what helped me.

He pointed me to:

Section: "How to Recover a Configuration" is what did it. Rebooted and
config was back.

Just an FYI: Sun tech support did not know this fix.


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            I need help with Disk Suite 4.2. I had the root drive on a
host suddenly die and I'm unable to recover the file to see how
the metadevices were configured. This host has many, many
disks/partitions and only 2 striped metadevices and I'm not sure how to
figure out what went where. Any help would be appreciated.


Jamie Garofalo
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