Summary: Changing ipaddress under Solaris 10

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 11:21:54 EST
Dear managers,

>> this seems to be a longburner. I configured a 490 with two nics and
>> later changed my mind regarding the second ipaddress and net. I 
>> changed
>> the usual files
>> /etc/hosts
>> /etc/netmasks
>> /etc/hostname.ce1
>> but after a reboot netstat -rn shows only one interface. When I do
>> "ifconfig -a" I see the second interface with the new ipaddress but
>> with a wrong netmask. I doublechecked my entry in /etc/netmasks.
>> and am sure that this is correct. Settingthe values with ifconfig ...
>> works but I want this to survive a reboot. What else has to be 
>> changed?
>> This is Solaris 10 06/06!

I was told that there is a new file  /etc/inet/ipnodes thatis honored 
under Solaris 10. Unfortunately changing this file did not solve my 
problem. I finally made it, that "ifconfig -A" and "netstat -rn" 
returned the expected results (even) after a reboot. However, the 
interface did not work. I neither could ping out nor in. The interface 
simply was dead.

I finally replaced the switch - which alone did not do the trick - and 
then did sys-unconfig and started from scratch. This got me going!!! 
There must be even more files that are honored. I learned from this 
that changing ipaddresses under Solaris 10 is no easy task and does not 
work very well (at least for me).

Thanks for all your responses!


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