Summary : Lost Root Password on SunFire X2100 M2

From: Susan KJ Thielen <>
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 02:54:26 EST
Thanks for all the suggestions.. I don't think
anyone nailed it on the head though.. The problem
wasn't the booting from CD or mounting.. The problem
was that the serial port on the X2100 M2 isn't a 
serial port.. No access to any bios or prom or
whatever there..

Seems that to determine whether or not you have
rebooted, you need a keyboard, mouse and monitor.
There are other things that can be setup, and will
probably work.. but whatever.. the good old days of
the serial terminal access are over..

Once I attached the monitor and stuff it was easy
to do the rest...  Next problem came when I was
cloning the drive.. and the dd of the 250G drive
took quite a while...  The cde had a timed lockout
on the monitor.. So.. It needed the input of the
password to unlock, so I could see whether or
not the dd had finished.. Keyboard/mouse drivers
didn't function.. No access.. couldn't type in 
password.. Sun Support totally useless on this..

Damn silly stuff this embedded lom and stupid 
locking cde environment.. Wasted a great deal
of time on it.. And still couldn't finish..

Tomorrow is another day!

Enjoyed the list response tho'

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