SUMMARY - insert CR at end of every line in print jobs sent to network LaserJet 5M

From: Andrew Bergman <>
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 00:31:07 EST
Thanks to Steve for the solution that worked.

Thanks also to Chuck Norem and Adrian Cole for their suggestions.



Steve Sandau wrote:
>> One of our clients has a Laserjet 5M network printer that is used 
>> solely for our application to print reports.  Our app runs on Solaris 
>> 9 x86
>> /etc/printers.conf
>>  ddocs:\
>>         :bsdaddr=<ip address>,raw1,Solaris
>> Is this something that can be done on the server or is it a printer 
>> config change?  Our access to the printer is remote via telnet only 
>> and I am not sure how I would go about making a change there.
> You may be able to change 'raw1' in the printers.conf to 'text' 
> instead. I seem to remember that jetdirect printers have a text and a 
> raw 'device,' with the text one fixing the stairstep problem of a Unix 
> print job.
> Steve


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