SUMMARY: Third Party PCI EIDE Interface Cards In SPARC systems

From: Steaphany Jean Waelder <>
Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 12:18:36 EST
I only received one reply:

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If you've already got the drives, then this isn't so helpful, but if you
haven't, I've seen more discussions on SATA pci card support on sparc.
SATA drives are cheaper than PATA these days, mostly, and in fact you
might find it cheaper per GB to buy 300/320/400GB drives.  Similarly, a
2-channel card will be cheaper (though only buy a few dollars) than a 4
channel if you fit it in two drives.

the hatter
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Seems like, despite Sun's designs employing standard interfaces, little third 
party technology really exists.

Here is my  original post:

>Does anyone have any experience installing and using a third party EIDE 
>interface card supporting drives greater than 137 GB into SPARC based systems ?
>My goal is to build a NFS server serving 3 Western Digital 250GB drives but 
>exceeds the limit of the onboard interface.

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