SUMMARY: SC 3.1 U4 on Sol 10 x86 + Ora 10g

From: Harald Husemann <>
Date: Thu Nov 16 2006 - 09:19:44 EST
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Hi agn,

no answer so far, it seems this was *rellay* a nice one, :-).
But, we were able to solve it together with the DB-guys, and here' s the 
solution if someone of you come across this problem:

Symptom: Oracle can be started manually, but not with the cluster 
commands. Furthermore, root cannot connect the database server using 
"sqlplus "/ as sysdba"".

Reason: With the latest patches to 10g (Oracle Oracle 
introduced a new security model, making the user-rights in lib/, bin/ 
and so on more restrivtice. This prevents root from running the 
commands, and causes the described problems.
There's a script in the Oracle install directory (don't know the exact 
path, our db-admins did this), which resets the rights to the old ones - 
and, voila, the cluster can start the database.

Keep on hackin',

Harald wrote:
> Hi gurus,
> sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I think runnin' a SUN Cluster with an
> Oracle database is a common task for  many of us, so I hope some of you can
> help...
> Well, the environment:
> Two x4200 and two SE3310 storages, building a SUN cluster. OS is Solaris 10
> x86, SC version is 3.1U4, latest patches installed (EIS-DVD Sept. 2006).
> Database is Oracle 10.2.0.
> So far so good, I can start the database manually on both nodes, and connect
> it by using sqlplus user/pwd@SID, as I would expect it.
> But, when the cluster starts the database, I can't connect it, although the
> cluster tells me it's running. Nevertheless, a tnsping works, so IMHO it can't
> be network related. And, to make things even more crazy, a connect over the
> socket by using 'sqlplus "/ as sysdba"' works, the only problem is the
> IP-based connection...
> It seems that I can connect the listener, but the listener can't connect the
> database server (although it is listening on the socket, as the sqlplus "/as
> sysdba" shows).
> I've tracked the problem down to the server resource, it does not matter how
> the listener is started, the problem is the server. I've examined the logs
> from the cluster agent and the Oracle logs, I don't see any alerts or
> warnings.
> I hope, someone can shed some light on this...
> Thanks in advance,
> have a nice hackin',
> Harald
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