SUMMARY: T2000: disk capacity max?

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Wed Nov 15 2006 - 05:15:33 EST
sorry for this late summary.
Casper Dik mentinned that T2000 has 2.5" in it, not 3.5"
In this document, i understand why:
"At the same time, 2.5" drives consume clearly less than half the energy
that any 3.5" drive requires. When it comes to performance per watt
(I/Os per Watt), the 2.5" form factor delivers very good results."

and yes, i did a mistake, apple don't sell 300Gb SAS disks!
ian mcnish said:
"in any case, you can use third-party SAS disks however you will need to
find a Sun SAS SPUD bracket in order to install the disk in a T[12]000
or X4[126]00. "

And the max disk capacity is 72Gb today. Others vendors propose 146Gb

thanks to all,

Girard Henry wrote:
> hello all,
> anybody knows if it is possible to install SAS disks on this machine
> from others vendors? i want to install the maximum capacity, possible
> 750Gb disk.
> For example, apple provide 300Gb SAS disk in xserve
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