SUMMARY: Re: awk ">" number comparisons; scripting help request

From: JV <>
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 14:45:34 EST
I am overwhelmed by the high quality of responses (nearly 20!)

in general the solution is to strip the "%" character so the comparison
is numerical to numerical. the % makes it a string on one side of the
equation. Michael Maciolek & John Sellin also showed me how to
eliminate the egrep -v with sed -n to only print the % lines but delete
the % itself. This worked for me:

$ prstat -s cpu -n 10 2 1 |sed -n 's/%//p' |awk -F" " '($9 > 20) {print

Though I admit I think in "grep" more easily than I think in sed!

Other approaches suggested:
- resource control or scheduler change 
- nagios plugin for just this application called "check_proc"
- Perl based RegExs to accomplish same
- gawk/nawk sub- based RegExs to accomplish same

Thanks folks, this has gone in my permanent bag of tricks

Individual thanks to Brad Morrison, Thomas M. Payerle, Daniel Denes,
Doc G, Andy Harrison Dheeraj Soni, Hutin Bertrand, Peter Ondruska, John
Hallman, Crist Clark, John Leadeham, Steve Harris, "Sandwich Maker",
Oscar del Rio, Michael Maciolek, John Sellin, francisco, Rohit
Srivastava, and Mark Scarborough.

original question posted below:

OK, it's NOT Solaris per se, but scripting and awk I have a problem
with: can you help or point me towards another resource? 

consider the awk statement where $9 is greater than the threshold, I
print the entire line:

root@gumby prstat -s cpu -n 10 2 1 | egrep -v "NICE" | awk -F" " '($9 >
"20%") {print $0}'
   701 root     1047M  911M sleep   59    0   2:18:36 9.8% java/62

What I am trying to accomplish is to catch a java process that goes
haywire and consumes more than 40% of the cpu and makes the box crawl
for interactive users.

sometimes prstat prints the results as a whole number like "20%" and
sometimes it prints a decimal like "1.5%" or "0.3%".

The awk -F" " '($9 > "X%") produces unpredictable results. Anyone have
a technique or work around for normalizing the X% to a consistant
format? Does gawk have better ">" operations?

Kind regards
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