Summary: console connector conspiracy: x2100m2 and x2200 to cisco 2600 series octal cable

From: Anthony D'Atri <>
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 21:00:19 EST
I wrote:

> We've recently received several x2100m2 and x2200 boxes to evaluate,
> and are a bit dismayed that Sun's reverted to using a DB9 for the
> serial console instead of an RJ45.  Attempts to use a variety of
> existing adapter hoods have not been successful, so I welcome insight
> on how one can effectively talk to these from a Cisco 2600 series
> conserver.

Thanks to all who responded.  The results are inconclusive at best,  
and contradictory at worst.  The 2100m2 seems to not be basically  
identical to the 2100, as I think some assumed.  Responses are  
excerpted below:

you can use a cisco DB9 terminal d-sub adapter with a roll-over cable.

FYI: i did an eval of the X2100 and X200 and had a *lot* of issues  
with them... they're garbage.
Can't help you with the cisco, but my X2100's serial consoles work  
problem on Cyclades console servers, using a DB-9 to UTP converter  
that we
get with every Sun V210/240/etc.

You might also consider using the serial over LAN feature provided by  
optional SMDC card. You'll need this card anyway to be able to remote
powercycle the X2100.
Do you have a console cable with that Cisco router? The console kit  
comes with a DB9(male) with an RJ45 (female) on the opposite end.
Check out YOST.COM for the different cabling conventions.  I have  
used the DTE for computer to cisco connection
Sun usually ships console adapters DB9-RJ45 or
DB25-RJ45 with each system.
Well, atleast they used to.
You should be able to use these with a straight
through RJ45-RJ45 cable to the cisco unit.
The cisco adapters and most other adapters will not
They used to be chromed plastic in color.
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