SUMMARY: running ssh in crontab

From: Nolz Andreas <>
Date: Mon Oct 23 2006 - 06:42:04 EDT

Thanks to all for helping me.
I changes the definition of the varible SECHOST to SECHOST='hostname'-sec and
works pretty well.


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> Von: 	Nolz Andreas
> Gesendet:	Samstag, 21. Oktober 2006 13:31
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> Betreff:	running ssh in crontab
> Hello,
> I want to run a script by crontab.
> When I start toe script in a terminal window, it works pretty well. When I
> to run it by a cron job, I get the message:
> Usage: ssh [options] host [command]
> triggered by the following line in the script:
> ssh $SECHOST "cd /export/qip; tar xf trans.tar; rm /export/qip/named/*.jnl"
> The variable SECHOST is set in the script (SECHOST=$HOSTNAME-sec).
> How can I change the script to run it by a cron job?
> Thanks in advance!
> Best regards!
> Andreas

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