[SUMMARY] Solaris 10 x64 PXE JumpStart with ISC DHCPD?

From: Ryan Anderson <Ryan.Anderson_at_baesystems.com>
Date: Mon Oct 02 2006 - 11:24:59 EDT
Found the problem. Its all related to the in.tftpd server on Solaris 8.
I was trying to jumpstart a Solaris 10 x64 (06/06) using my Solaris 8
jumpstart server, but its tftp server doesn't support tftp options...so
the GRUB menu would load, but then booting up the kernel fails. I found
the problem doing a snoop on the jumpstart server and seeing a litany of
tftp errors, and (duh) checking sunsolve. If you have a login to it, see
document ID 6395719. Until I can upgrade my jumpstart server, I've
copied over the in.tftpd binary from a Solaris 9 system on my Solaris 8
server and they all work now. My dhcpd.conf syntax was fine all along.

Ryan Anderson wrote:
> I'm slamming my head against a wall to load a new Ultra 40 (uses
> chips) with Solaris 10 x64 06/06 using my existing jumpstart method.
> using the (cough) unsupported method of using the ISC DHCP server
> have it working peachy with Solaris 8 & 10 sparc, see:
> I'm not clear if my issue is the Ultra 40 or my config files. What
> happens is that I can get the GRUB menu up, but _every_ time I boot
> of it with any combination of boot options to the kernel, the box
> reboots itself and I'm back to square one... I'm _very_ open to
> sending me their working dhcpd.conf file being used with Solaris 10
> 06/06.
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