Summary: getting absolute path of files in a directory.

From: Srini Chadalavada <>
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 14:13:54 EDT
Hi Managers,
   Thanks for quick response for Anthony/Alan/Bill

find command is the answer. it works.

 and you want to list everything by it's Fully
Qualified Path Name
# (FQPN) from here (.) on down you could do:
$ find `pwd` -print
# or for the 'ls -lF' type output,
$ find `pwd` -ls

# If you want ONLY the files, not directories,
symlinks, specials,
# etc. you can do one of these:
$ find `pwd` -type f -print
$ find `pwd` -type f -ls

# Of course if you want everything EXCEPT files you
could negate it
# with:
$ find `pwd` ! -type f -print

$ man find
# Will show you all sorts of things -- for example
find all symbolic
# links with:
$ find `pwd` -type l -print

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