SUMMARY: Change HBAs in V490

From: Mike Newton <>
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 09:00:31 EDT
Original Question:

I have a V490 running Solaris 9, Veritas 3.5, EMC PowerPath 4.5 connected 
to an EMC SAN using 2 Emulex LP9802 HBA's. We're going to switch the HBA's 
to 2 QLogic 2340's. I use the PowerPath pseudo devices created by powervxvm 
in VxVM. I've used vxdiskadm to prevent the multipath devices from VxVM's 
view. Are there any gotcha's I should know about? How easy will this be to do?


There were no problems with the switch. I installed the latest StorEdge 
Foundation Suite software and took the system down to swap out the cards. 
Upon reconfigure reboot (after the SAN guys changed the config to present 
to the new WWNs), I just had to run cfgadm to configure the controllers 
(cfgadm -c configure c#), I also ran "devfsadm -Cv", and then "powercf -q". 
That was it. Veritas was able to see the LUNs.

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